Saturday, February 26, 2011

Beccy and Kat in there PJs


creepy girl - first sketch

Evil kitty

cats are evil.

Works in progress - lady

This is a first sketch i did of a model on DA. i'm going to do a few more passed and maybe put it in fine tooning. I'm going to fix her more, i have a bad habit of making woman's lips all messed up.


First time trying to draw from scratch on the computer..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life Drawing Drapery

Even MORE life drawing. Both of these were more then an hour done in contay.

Life Drawing Gestures

Some more Life drawing, gestures in pastel and contay. Ranging from 1min to 20.

Life Drawing - Laying down on the job.

I thought i'd share a few of my best pieces of life drawing from last semester. I really like the way the Kida one turned out. such a soft looking pillow. Done in contay all in about an hour, maybe a bit more. Max 1 1/2hrs.

I'll be starting up a new blog that'll be more professional like. I'll link his blog to that one and that one to this one.