Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Model Sheets

Red and Wolfie

This was my Secret Santa gift to my friend in school. its the first thing i've painted traditionally in a long time.

BG Tonal

So this is one of my medium layouts for my third year film. its a 16fld BG...so its big...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Inside the Restricted Section

September 4th, Inside the Restricted Section with a bit of colour value.

Out side the restricted section

September 3rd, Out side the restricted section with a bit of a dutch tilt. Again with a bit of colour value.

September 2nd, I shoe box of the Librarian's office with a bit of colour value.

Jack - what is this? (standing)

September 1st, standing pose of jack looking quizzical.

Jack Sitting

August 31th, Jack siting not looking to happy about waiting.

Jack - standing tall

August 30th, pretty much my final design of jack with a little colour value.


August 29th, Doing more sketches of the Librarian. i think this is my favorite. i tried to model her face more like maleficence.

Little Bruce

August 28th, its a chibi version of Bruce Lee! too cute.

Monday, September 6, 2010

House 2

August 27th, This is the second house, Me and Jeff stayed. And Michel and Amanda (brother and sister) moved in the basement, And My long time friend Jessie and her boy friend Mike. We never saw Amanda thats why there a sign in her place.

House 1

August 26th, So I've been living in my house for about 3 years now and have gone through 4 room mate shuffles. So i'm going to draw the 4 different houses/ This being the first with the kids from high school. Here we have peter ( the face in the window) Vicky beside him, Tall Jeff, Calian the crazy duggey in the basement, and me on the roof. these are hands down the worst of the 4 so far, with the exception of Jeff.

Little Warrior

August 25th, I doodled up a cartoony warrior like Kalabak from Superman

Monkey King

August 24th, Sp at the movie night a few nights ago the movie was Forbidden Kingdom. so i sketched the monkey king.

Be there with Bells On

August 23rd, I was going to meat Mike some where and I said i'd be there with bells on and i thought this would be really funny is I showed up with ONLY bells on.

Chicken Little

August 22nd, Was searches on the webs for something to draw and came across this little picture of him. Its a quick sketch.

Jack has a question

August 21st, Jack always looks to serious (cause he normally is) so i thought he should look cute for a bit, like the child he is.


August 20th, I like the 'younger version of the Librarian better, it also make more sence with her character's story.... this is just a really terrible pose.

OLD Librarian

August 19th, I was messing around and came up with this weird big haired Librarian....Not sure I like it.


August 18th, A doodle of Jack, big and bold.

Running Jack

August 17th, Jack running with some colour, he'll be running a bit in my film. i gotta work on it.

Angry Jack

August 16th, Jack doodle of him being not so impressed. I really like his big floppu hair but i KNOW my teachers will hate it.

Sneaky Jack

August 15th, I was doodling Jack again and thought it might be start to draw him in poses that i'd need for my third year film. this is him hiding from the Librarian.

What is this?

August 14th, I was doodling a sketch of my third year film character and it looked really plain and dumb to i did another of a better version of Jack looking at the retarded version.


August 13th, i was at a movie night at my karate club helping set up and tear down. i wasn't interested in the movie so i started drawing and then all the kids around started looking at my sketch book and the saw the Disney pictures. One of them liked the one i drew of Ariel so i was going to draw her up one for her to take home. when i was done i went to show her and she was chatten up a boy. so i left her alone and kept the picture....I like it =D

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Girl 66

August 12th. Just tried to capture this photo:

Fetish Pin-Up

August 11th, So my friend drew this:
And i wanted to draw something similar.
I like it =D

My birthday

August 10th!

I AM 21!
...i'm old 0_0'

So...my birthday kinda sucked.
since it was in the middle of the week i decided to have the party on the weekend (Saturday). I stayed at my boyfriends apartment last night (see last post) and his roommate wasn't home so i couldn't leave to house until he came back... at 4:30. so i drew and played Nintendo's Doctor Mario and watched a lot of hell's Kitchen.
But then he came home and we went to Red Lobster with my family. and it was very good times. but when they gave me my gifts... i was let down...quiet a bit.
I got clothes that were all too big, a book bag (I have one), a hair brush (I have 3), a cutting board (I had one, but thats okay), some books from my sister and a DVD that i really don't care for. One and 50$ to Loblaws (which is wear I work... so..ya.
I'm just let down cause i normally (like every other year since i was 13) get a gift card for GT wear i can buy clothes. I kinda count on it...so when i didn't get it i'm kinda screed for clothes.

But whatever, I really feel dumb for complaining about gifts.


August 9th, SO two days ago I posed about sex and how it was fun right? and not to take it to seriously right? well I've always kinda wanted a pair of fuzzy handcuffs cause i think the idea oh some one 'tickling' you and stuff with out your pesky hands there to stop them is kinda super hot. I brought it up with Me boy friend and he was like 'Oh man yes!" So I went to 'Arn't we naughty' and grabbed up a pair (btw that a neato store). but when i showed them to my boyfriend...he was a little :/. He thought it was something that it wasn't and took it to seriously.

Btw: the matching clothes was on purpose. we tend to match clothes all too often, with out trying.

Baby penguin

August 8th, Oh my star and guarders! isn't that too cute?! Or...is it just creepy and ugly looking?...well i'll leave that up to you all =D


August 7th, So guess what we did last night? and the night before? Ya...never had a person to do this activity with and he's always had a boring girlfriend, which I am not. So keeping with the attitude of two of my good friends: Sex=fun. Its something that should stay fun, new, exciting and should never get too serious =D

Me and Mike

August 6th, So I've been dating this kid for over 8 months and he's just super. he's got a silly little face so he's hard to draw. I showed him this and he gt all fussy 'cause its summer and he doesn't have a beard.


August 5th,

300TH POST!!!! W00T FOR ME!!!

So this is he topical graffiti/ tattoo sparrow. I tried to apply a few Photoshop filters and layers to jazz it up. in the process the file almost crashed my computer.

Afro Penguin

August 4th. So this is Afro penguin. its silly and lazy. i'm not in a drawing mood today. I just came back from the funeral of my friend Mike Potvin. He was a 27 year old Mounty that drowned up north in a river. The funeral was held in the church he was married in, on his birthday one month away from his wife giving birth to their first child...couldn't get any worse...

Villain Penguin

August 3rd, evil penguin from batman. I think this is the cutest he'll ever look.

Rainbow Panda

August 2nd, I'm feeling the sad with all the cleaning of my messy house and it not being full of my friends and them not helping clean and them leaving a bunch of crap here....*sigh*....rainbow pandas are cute.

Moving day

August 1st, Its moving day. everyones out except Melissa and I ...and she's gone at the end of the month....(i'm the sad stick man)

AN Acorn and a Bean

July 31st, so...i donno i was board and tired and thought of a little conversation between an acorn and a bean.
Acorn:Hi! I'm an acorn i start with the letter A, the first letter at the alphabet. Squirrel eat me and bury me in the ground. When they forget about me, I grow in to tall oak trees :D

Bean: ...I'm a bean...little kids try to grow me in pop bottles... sometimes i'm sealed up in cans.

Fat Squirrel

July 30th, I asked my friends for idea as to what to draw and a random and interesting one was 'fat squirrel'. I liked it and i think if a squirrel, an animal that supposed to be fast and agile, was fat he'd also be angry.


July 29th. I didn't know what to draw so i looked up at my Pixar calender which was directly in front f me and sketched the Remy that was there.

Boy 66

July 28th. I realize how many doodles of boys a just call 'boy' or boy in hat' so to my best guess this is 'boy 66'. he's a bit lumpy and kinda looks like one of my high school boy friends.like the kinda that's not really a boyfriend but theres no other world for it? you can't say "oh this? this is the boy I dated for 4 gays then dumped cause we're stupid kids.' you just said boyfriend or ex-boyfriend.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


July 27th, dynamic Dancer.


July 26th,I was drawing dynamic poses and came up with this one of a man falling off a surf board. but the surf board looking like garbage for i left it out.

Pinko Octo

July 25th, So this kinda ended up a cross between a squid and and octopus. but its graphic cartoon, but still flowing and cute.