Sunday, December 13, 2009

December- end of term

Hey there kids! so for design class we had to keep a sketch book, we had to meat a bunch of catagories, this it the free style one. i like it best.


so, here's me life drawing final, my repeating pan and my 3-point background. so much work...

Friday, November 27, 2009


So this is the October entry for second year first semester animation. a few sequences and some gestures. a characature of Ms. Brit and some....eggs.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Animation Posts for September

Hey there. I had a lot of gestures laying around so i decided to put together a post for each month i've been in skool. the December one will be a bunch of my final stuff. so here we have some one minute gestures and some 10 gestures. some models and some disnety characters.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sushi Beccy

Drawn and posted on September 7th. M’k so, the house is clean (bleached) and everyone’s moved it, everything is in its place. My room mate’s wiccan buddy is even going to bless the house, kool eh? Class is tomorrow and summer is over. Since I’ll be going back to skool I’ll more of less stop posting on this blog all together for the term. I’ll post now and then if I doodle something good in class, or am super proud of a project or something. Thanks for viewing my stuff, this blogs was super fun to do.

If your wondering why a lot of these were posted with in like 5mins on each other, it's cause I haven't had internet for like a month and am now uploading them all at the school.
Fun times


Drawn and posted on September 6th. Oh look, more naked, bit I loved doing her hair, so fun. She’s supposed to be a kind of Wicca goddess, but probably does rely look like any one goddess. Happy Birthday Sister! Good Luck in your 23rd year!

Nuddy Pixie

Drawn and posted on September 5th, Another pixie, but this time a little more natural. My rommie would approve. Last room mate is in the house! We are all accounted for! Joy to the house!


Drawn and posted on September 4th. Very cute pixie with a flower on her head.


Drawn and posted on September 3rd. Minotaur boy, It occured to me when my roomie told me to draw a minotaur that its likely that most minotaurs were probably very unhappy with that arrangement. Bull head human body, do you know how heavy that head probably was?

Emo Ghosty

Drawn and posted on September 2nd. Depressed looking ghosty, I like her. Melissa moved in most of the rest of her stuff today! And we set up her bed! So that’s 5 outta 6!

Pumkin Head

Drawn and posted on September 1st. Drawn on Cash. Pumpkin headed boy, so very very cute. Ok, so two of the six room mate have moved in (me and another never left so in total that would be 4 outta six are in here), it feel better in the house already.

Old Lavie... 'cause i'm lazey

Drawn and Posted on August 31st. An older picture of Lavi...ya going to admit that i didn't draw that one today, kinda busy and junk.


Drawn and posted on August 30th. Fluffy the hypnotized bunny thing… LOL some kids have to go back to skool today! XD. So My old room mate are officially gone, I miss Jeff a hole bunch. Fool wanted to take his door knob and lock ‘cause I was famillar… how weird.

Bla, Hover Car

Drawn and posted on August 29th. Hover car, I like the car more then the car and the character.

Helpful Elf

Drawn and posted on August 28th. Elf from the elves and the shoe maker, holding a sock, trying to be helpful. O_O’ Came back from Toronto today and my room mates had all but moved, the house was trashed and no one was home, but then I walked into my room and it was just how I left it, it was warm feeling.

Bottle Fish

Drawn and posted on August 27th. Drawn on cash. Fish in a bottle.

French Robot

Drawn and posted on August 26th. French whine tasting Robot! why? 'Cause they are French...

Robot the third!

Drawn and posted on August 25th. Robot the third!

Robot the second!

Drawn and Posted on August 24th. Robot the second!

Robot one

Drawn and posted on August 23rd . Robot!

Zombie girl

Drawn and posted on August 22nd. Drawn on cash. I was thinking of a story idea for my thired year film and I thought of a very cute one with a little boy and a zombie girl. I may draw and posted the boy sometime but not now.

Fat Lavi

Drawn and posted on August 21st . Fat cat goes Meoooow!


Drawn and posted on August 20th. Pig goes yonk.

Ripped Teddy

Drawn and Posted on August 19th. Keeping with the same theme as yesterday, jus thought that this is probably the fate of most teddy bears.

Foaming Teddy

Drawn and Posted on August 18th. So we were at sketch night and the theme was teddy bears that aren’t like your average bear.


Drawn and Posted on August 17th . Aw Teddiursa, looking creepy and foaming at the mouth… how super.


Drawn and posted on August 16th. So here’s a very spacey boring meowth.


Drawn and posted on August 15th. Okay here’s a fat dumb Psyduck… I hate psyduck and love golduck, so I just level it up with Exp. Share.


Drawn and posted on August 14th. So I’ve been playing a lot of pokemon so there will be a few pokemon showing up in this here blog. But not the exact ones that are in the game, ‘cause that’s just no fun. This is a quick, very quick, ekans (snake backwards).

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Classy Mummy

Made and posted on augest 13th. So i was board today and last night and so i started on my mummy. i did the cuts for the gears first and then painted it... then i ripped apart a novelty toy car that played 'Low Rider" and bounced and took out the lights and battery park and spend like 3 hours taking apart the mess of wires in side and sorted out how to make all 4 lights light up. then had to negotate them inside the head and run the wire outta the munny threw the foot and attach it to the battery pak (wich is hidden in these picks 'cuase its ugley) and made up a quick botton (which is also hidden and held down with tape). I am by no means any good at electrical stuff so all the many bits of weire are held together with electrical tape... so its delicate.

I might add a curly mustash or a mouth or somthing around the eye and gears to coccect them better to the body. right now they looktacked on.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Drawn and posted on Auguest 12th. I was watching dukes of Hazard and noticedthat Johnny Knoxville is very animated looking, but my attempt to recreate him... sucks. i'll try again sometime.

Remember to put the cap on the tooth past

Drawn and posted on Auguest 11th. I have no idea where i gotthis... I think i was watching a tooth past comercial.

Floaming Lobster

Drawn and posted on Auguest 10th. Happy 20th Birthday to ME! Crazey looking Lobster, another poke at drawing crazey and 'ugly' looking thing. i got a wicked one lined up for tomorrow.


Drawn nd posted on Auguest 9th. Bla bla bla, me realising that dreaming has lost it appeal for me. It was fun when I was a kid, but now I realise its God's cruel joke.... and there arespelling errors... a bunch... joy.

Pure Pwnage

Drawn and posted on Auguest 8th.

Big cat little kitty

Drawn nd posted on Auguest 7th. My parents have a lot of cute playful kittens, and my friend has a crotchety old cat. This is what their meaning might look like, and i bet it won't end well.

Africain Queen

Drawn and Posted on Auguest 6th. Watching Law and Order I realled like the deffence atorney, so i kinda drew her and embelished a bit.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lock and Key Tattoo

Drawn and posted on Aguest 5th. if I were ever to get a tatto for no reason this would be it.