Thursday, April 22, 2010

Coloured BG

Good morning kidz! How are you this fine day?
well thats good, as for me i'm sitting in front of this pretty decent photoshoped drawing. This was the first drawing I've coloured with any instruction, and i think it turned out great!
And so didn't my professor, Mr. Neil hunter, because he put it on the 2010 demo real!
do i sound a bit full of my self? 'cause I am, i'm so proud of this image.

Anyway, tell me what you think. I won't hunt you down and kill you if you don't like it. =D

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Hey there! so these are ideas for my third year film, my newer idea.
My original idea what to have a working class husband forget to get his wife an anniversary gift. He this has to run all around town only to find all the stores closed. He returns home and bashfully confesses to his wife that he failed to get her a gift. He’s surprised to find that she doesn’t care that much and is waiting for him in a kitchen with a cake and only an apron.

In my new idea a boy sneaks into a dark old Library in the dead of night past the Librarian working away in her Office. Everything in dust and dirty and sepia toned. He is about to sneak up to the restricted section when she sees his and chases him up the stairs. He slips away from her and makes his way to the back most part of the restricted section and finds an old cabinet . he unlocks it and grabs out an ancient book. The Librarian catches up to him and forbids him from opening in. He defies her and opening it, the second he does Colour pores out of its pages. He flows out and collides with her. He throws open more and more books and all different elements flow out of them. Until they all swirl around the Librarian and she’s reduced to dust. The boy smirks and grabs the last book out of the cabinet and opens it. He disappears into it and it falls to the floor the cover reads ‘the story of Jack’.

The end

Tell me what ya think!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Haunted House

Hey there again, so this is my march post and this would be the assignment, in my Design IV class, this i did for the whole month....long month.
I wanted to draw a clock so I used inspiration from the Kingdom Hearts two clock tower.
tell me what you think ^_^