Thursday, August 27, 2009

Classy Mummy

Made and posted on augest 13th. So i was board today and last night and so i started on my mummy. i did the cuts for the gears first and then painted it... then i ripped apart a novelty toy car that played 'Low Rider" and bounced and took out the lights and battery park and spend like 3 hours taking apart the mess of wires in side and sorted out how to make all 4 lights light up. then had to negotate them inside the head and run the wire outta the munny threw the foot and attach it to the battery pak (wich is hidden in these picks 'cuase its ugley) and made up a quick botton (which is also hidden and held down with tape). I am by no means any good at electrical stuff so all the many bits of weire are held together with electrical tape... so its delicate.

I might add a curly mustash or a mouth or somthing around the eye and gears to coccect them better to the body. right now they looktacked on.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Drawn and posted on Auguest 12th. I was watching dukes of Hazard and noticedthat Johnny Knoxville is very animated looking, but my attempt to recreate him... sucks. i'll try again sometime.

Remember to put the cap on the tooth past

Drawn and posted on Auguest 11th. I have no idea where i gotthis... I think i was watching a tooth past comercial.

Floaming Lobster

Drawn and posted on Auguest 10th. Happy 20th Birthday to ME! Crazey looking Lobster, another poke at drawing crazey and 'ugly' looking thing. i got a wicked one lined up for tomorrow.


Drawn nd posted on Auguest 9th. Bla bla bla, me realising that dreaming has lost it appeal for me. It was fun when I was a kid, but now I realise its God's cruel joke.... and there arespelling errors... a bunch... joy.

Pure Pwnage

Drawn and posted on Auguest 8th.

Big cat little kitty

Drawn nd posted on Auguest 7th. My parents have a lot of cute playful kittens, and my friend has a crotchety old cat. This is what their meaning might look like, and i bet it won't end well.

Africain Queen

Drawn and Posted on Auguest 6th. Watching Law and Order I realled like the deffence atorney, so i kinda drew her and embelished a bit.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lock and Key Tattoo

Drawn and posted on Aguest 5th. if I were ever to get a tatto for no reason this would be it.

Manly Strong Man

Drawn and posted on Aguest 4th. So my friend asked me to draw the manlyest man ever. I immediatly thought of Johnny brovo, and that the manlyest man ever has already nen drawn, what am i to do? so i just thought of a mild stario type. i like his tatoo

Monday, August 3, 2009


Drawn and posted on August 3rd. Look, there's liquify again. Anyway, i think I was fealing particularly vendictive when i drew this, 'cuase i love the little boy's face of horrer. ^_^


Drawn and posted on August 2nd. I was watching alot of Harry Potter and i'm pretty sure she's scarier then the dementors and Lord Voldimort put together.

Isn't it odd how really cute inoccent looking things can also, at the same time, look tarrifying?

Steam Punk Guy rideing a Cat

Drawn and posted on Augest 1st.Drawn for my friend when we were working a shity cask shift at work. not much to discribe you see that's there.

Spy Glass

Drawn and posted on July 31st. Secret spy glass agent for the strwam punck crew in the early 1800s. Jame F. Wild, man for every job.

Sucurity Blanket

Drawn and posted on July 30th. Okay this is the second one with cloth being more then cloth (golden angel). even hero need protection sometimes.

Pixxie Study Time

Drawn and posted on July 29th. So the colours are a little all over the place, but its kinda wimsical. or well, btw to my friend who sugessted it, this is flower lamp.

Evil peacock boy

Drawn and posted on July 28th. M'k, so i was just trying to draw a peacock boy ... amnd he turned out a bit evil. I justed liquify on his hair, i think it work ok.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Water Lord

Drawn and Posted on July 27th. Neato squid Boss thingy.


Drawn and posted on July 26th. An Owl that, as
cute as it is, you know it's up to no good. I mean come on, I you saw that in an RPG your target it and throw a fire ball at thething. well realistically, an ice ball becuase obviously its orenge feathers means that it is a fire type and thus is wek against ice... hum, strange how my mind went down that path of thought

Tribal Warrior

Drawn and posted on July 25th. Inspried vy something i saw on DA. i like me a round woman.

Lucky start

Drawn and Posted July 24th. This cute Lucky little star wil bring you good luck and happyness... but you have to eat it. I recament ar plugs for the shrill cries for mercey.

Lady of the night

Drawn and posted on July 23rd. Look, a Pretty Lady! with off colour earings that don't match her dress, and a dark red dress, and a tacky moon nacklace... So either she's a witch or a Hooker.

Golden Angel

Drawn and posted on July 22nd. This is kinda the first in a set. A set of a few drawing that use cloth, or sheets like somthing else. in this case, lke wings, but they'll be less obvious ones later.

Goat Kid

Drawn and posted on July 21st, Bla, goat boy... Bla.

Ginger Nut

Drawn and posted on July 20th. The original drawning in cludes a arm and hand but it wasn't very good, so I took it out. but his face it telling be he's complaining about somthing silly. so... Ginger Nut.

Fire Sprite

Drawn and posted on July 19th. So i saw a few sketches from Harvest moon, and i think i copied it too closely but she kinda lookslike a well meaning fire sprite, so i coloured her as such.

Diz the Dizzey Pixxi

Drawn and posted on July 18th. Just started playing Ledgend of Zelda Majora's Mask. kinda though of the wee faiies that make up the big scarey fairy.

Fat Cat

Drawn and posted on July 17th. Just a really weird fat cat. i think he's leaning forward.

Tally Boy

Drawn and posted on July 16th. Sometimes it just easier to be a boy. If you all remember my 'New Look' posts for the Grapes Adventures, tis is tally when she was a child in Russia. When every one is looking for a lost princess with 3 blue triangels on her face, its best to be a poor looking boy.

Astonished Mushroom

Drawn and posted on July 15th. donno really was I was thinking when i drew it, but when I was colouring it I though or how peoplelook on one of my friends when she dresses up in a vomit of rainbows.

Angery Alien boy

Drawn and posted on July 14th. Just a quick alen lad looking up set at who knows what. maybe his ray gun was taken by the school bully, his hover bike was nicked, or maybe he just realised he's bauld and with never know the joy of an emo-swoop.