Wednesday, June 30, 2010


June 30th! Half way threw summer. h it goes by so quick. i'm all sick with strep throat and decided to draw genie to cheer me up. how could you no love that fella's curves?


June 29th, I found a very good stock photo person on deviant art and saved all their dancer pictures to my reference library. I took one of the nicer ones and did a quick gesture and threw on Esmeralda's details over top.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


June 28th, This was a sketch of a sketch of Pinocchio. it was in as group of sketches, all of which had really nice lines of action and poses and expressions. i think i'll be doing the rest of those sketches next week.

One of the Twins

June 27th, One of the Twins from Peter pan. it could have turned up better. it doesn't flow as well as the original picture. the distance in the opening of the hood is too narrow, but i like the over laps in the clothes.

Cute Darla

June 26th, Heres a rounder cuter version of Darla. the tilt of her head verses her hips is ones of those things that gives her a bit of a creepy feeling. that and her big eye and fat appendages.

Sneaky Darla

JUNE 25th. so this is a quick sketch of Darla Dimple from Cat don't dance, i beautiful moves of very flowing character designs. I think everyone loves Darla a bit even though she's so evil. i loves her simple curvy design with her non-existent knees


June 24th, This is a very famous common rough sketch (well THIS is a sketch of that sketch) of tiny laughing. i was just using up crap paper again, but i really love the curves in her legs.

Little Indian

June 23rd, I started this little sketch browsing threw John Ks blog, i think this section was on Disney, and i just wanted to use up a crap piece of paper. As i was sticking in the volumes i really started to like the curves and the lines of action and all that. i didn't have space for the feather on the hat, but i likes how it turned out.


June 22nd. So gets a bitty sketch of the cute cricket from Mulan. i never realized how graphic he was. his wing are to simple shapes that arn't touching his abdomen.


June 21st. A cute little picture of Dumbo, i think he's sneezing. i tired to get a line of action threw his ears. and the two round volumes for his head and wast.

Mushy Mushroom

June 20th, a quicky sketch of the littlest mush room from fantasia.


June 19th, Doc from snow White. I think i cold have pushed this one a bit too, and his gut could be more rolly-polly. The dwarfs in general have a lot of over lapping lines and round volumes, and that very good, but difficult to keep track of.

Snow White

June 18th, Snow white is here, rubbing her tied eyes. the pose was supposed to be that of fear but... tired a good emotion too. i'm happy with w she turned out over all. nothing is screaming terrible at me...except maybe her hips.

Cinderella Mouse

June 17th, so hers the little mouse from Cinderella, i like the cleanest of it but i think i could've pushed the pose a bit more, made it more dynamic.


June 16th, So this is Disney's Cinderella if she'd been hit in the face with a shovel. i like her dress, but i made the mistake of drawing her hair in too close to her chin. anyway, but i think this is my worse Disney sketch.


June 15th, so the bunny from Bambie, not thumper, i think this is the girly bunny. i'm particularly happy with this one. i think this looks pretty tight so i added a splash of colour.


I like this image of flounder i found. the lines of action all flow and everything connects up in a peasant way. flounder's head is supposed to be a bit longer but not bad, i think.


June 13th, Arial from lil mermaid. i had a lot of trouble with her face, as you can see. i love her hair a bunch and the way that it flows.

Sketch - Alice

June 12th, So a few posts back i mentioned that I was going to start practicing copying other artists works to draw better. so... i attacked Disney.

I'll be up loading them out of order from how i drew them, btw. this is of course Alice, i had a lot of difficulty with her jaw line, i fine that the space between her nose and her chin gives her faces its particular look. oddly enough her face and the face o Wendy from peter pan are pretty much the same.

Handi Standi

June 11th, This turned out well. I took a drawing that someone had put up on deviant art of Naruto and tried to recreate it but in the image of my character Tomba. it still looks a bunch like Naruto but i still like it.

I like the weight, the line of action, the proportions and the pose. the only thing that makes me cringe is the feet.

I took the original image and added Photoshop flares.

Marker Mermaid

June 10th, Marker Mermaid, i like the line, i was a bit ruined by the hair.


June 9th, I have learned a lesson. Never sketch a sketch. Did turn out too well.

Marker Action Pose

June 8th, So another quick action pose from deviant art, i really like this one. it was fast and flowing. but the markers bled threw the paper so i probably won't do it again.

Rough Pose!

June 7th, Another quick little action pose sketched from deviant art. its very rough and suck, but i do like the hand.

Happy Star Fish is Happy.

June 6th, another little quickie with my fabulous markers. Reminds me of star fruit.


June 5th, little marker sketch of a little squid.


June 4th, Mouth full of NUTZ! you were thinking it. so with was just a quick sketch of a cute picture on failblog. it wasn't neato so i threw a filter on it, I know it doesn't make it better. 'Adding colour to a picture never saves it, it just ruins the colour job.

Quick action sketch

June 3rd, Quick sketch. action pose i found on deviant art.

Marker Fast Food!

June 2nd, Line art with fast food. Playing around with my markers again, wail watching 'Penn & Teller's: Bullshit - Fast food. it was a neato show where they were arguing in favor of fast food. i liked it so much i ran out and gulped down MacDonald's


June 1st! I did a quick sketch of a photo i saw on deviant art. i think it turned out kinda well for a free hand with no sight measuring. but the eyes are hedge.

Simple Fairy

June 31st, and the first month is over! one three left. I took this idea from deviant art, i tried to recreate it but found out that my spiffy new prismacolour markers don't wash...annoying. Live and learn.
I was browsing deviant art lately and found a zoom in (of the face) of a very famous painting, i don't recall the artist of title of the piece but i remember someone on Miami ink getting a tattoo of it, so it obviously wasn't an original work. and the artist was requesting a title for HIS work. If i had recalled the title of original artist i would have flagged it, but unfortunately I didn't. So, because of this i'll try to mention if i took an idea to practice of copied someones work.


May 30th 2010. this is you daily post. So i may have whipped this one out, if you couldn't tell. see I think this one post a day thing was a good idea, but it tuns out that i get a few good pictures and a shit tone of crap ones.

Quick-E with an ELF

Hey so this would be the post for the 29th. My friend brought up a good point to me a wail ago, it was to improve the way you draw you should try to copy others work, good work, perfectly. So i spotted this little picture on deviant art and sketched it out.

Hairy Heeland Cou!!! (Hairy Highland Cow)

Hey there!! long time no see/ post. If i forgot to let you all know, my roommate and i went on a little trip around the UK. I left of the 29th and returned on the 17th. it was super fun and i took way too many picture.

One of the things i saw there was this Hair Highland cow. i did a quick doodle with me spiffy markers.