Thursday, May 27, 2010

Frog Princess

May 27. Frog Princess. Last ones from Drink and draw. we had to draw the Frog princess, and I did. I like it....but not the water. 'cause its not flat.

May 26th, I drew this little thing on Cash. ...its rough.

Petra Pan and Tanka Bell

May 25th. another one from Drink and Draw. it my friend Jessie and I as Peter Pan and Tink. I love this pic...its cute. i tried so hard to include her buck teeth.


May 24th, Lemon and Lime have all the fun 'cause their used in alcoholic drinks. Orange is left out, poor thing.


May 23rd. Hey, i really like the cuteness of this little mermaid, but the colour skeam is so bad 'cause i'm so tired.

Derek and Wendy

May 22nd, this is again from the drink and draw. its our teacher and our stalk character Wendy. He loves her.

Silly Sunny Face

May 21st, My Best friend Jesse loves this show called Sonny with a Chance, is a Disney tv show so its simple and kinda funny, but i was watching it and saw the main character pull a face very similar to this one. it was ridiculous. she was thinking of a hot boy and made THAT face....Sex face. I kid, i love Disney.

Rough Wendy

May 20th. I was board for drawing for skool one day and just started to mess around with our stalk character Wendy in the costume i had designed for her for that project.

Skate Board

May 19th! I have finished my Skate board! it took a day to rip apart. 3 hours to sand and two solid days to repaint. he probably cost me....30$ to re build. not sure it was worth it but i did it. I amid the design towards my Glaceon cos-play.

Young new look Henry

M'k, so heres de may 18th. Damn thats one sweat May 18th.
A while ago i did the 'new look' grapes adventures characters. this is a different style but i like it a bit more. its more round. but heres Henry, the right hand man of the evil Chains. he's got a weird lust for Tomba and a strange relation ship with Chains but like everyone, he just wants to be loved.

Buck Toothed Batman

Hey there, may 17th.
drew this a while ago during drink and draw. I didn't do very much drinking, but i did draw buck tooth batman. two versions, one a bit more silly.

Can of Horror!

Hey kids! its May 16th and i drew this silly gross idea of what a can might thing of being opened. kinda like a lobotomy really, the poor this has its head crackled open, a bit pulled out....ew.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


May 15th, I tried to draw another dragon for my Karate club, but is didn't really work out. i wanna do another mural there s i'll tried this again later.


May i'm still hooked on Pokemon. which makes since 'cause my roommates and I play the Pokemon card game every night. I used my super kool new markers on this one <3



Oh..Okay...I forgot about he the last one in my party....oops
May 13th...Poke party done.


The last of my Pokemon part! Tangrowth! May 12th bring use to an end of my crayon party series. its reaching for a rare candy, btw.


May 11th! Boo-YA, so heres pigeot, I love this Pokemon. I've had a pigeot in every Pokemon part I've ever had. its the easiest to raise, and it learns perfect.


Wah....May 10th, typhlosion didn't turn out super good...but bla...crayons what are you going to do?


Oh look, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! On this day of mothers does it not make perfect sense to show you my power house of my Pokemon team - KINGDRA!!! it doesn't...but oh well.


Oh looking another lovely day in this summer, May 8th, hey there. I've decided to draw my pokemon party in crayon.

Quick Jack

Good Morning on this May 7th, 2010. This is a new idea fort my Jack Character for my third year film.he's a bit me sinister looking and I added a scarf for more secondary action.

Quick Librarain

Hey kids, Its time to play that fun game were i up load like 15 times in one day and we pretend that i did it once a day. =D

So its May 6th, and this is a quick idea of the Librarian for my third year film.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Already Falling behind

Holly crow, i just realized that i drew up 45 designs for this here
Any way, this is my Boy friend's guitar and he asked me to paint it, i'm not sure its a super good idea but if he want me too i guess its kool. I drew up a few ideas and it just got way out of hand. when i actually paint it i'll take a picture and post it.

I'll try to post more.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Start of Summer

Summer has started for all of us in the post secondary system. Our second year finals were probably the most lax in the history o animation.
My Roommates and I have loads of stuff to do this summer including playing vidgi games and re-creating Pangaea, but I will do my best to keep up with my blog again this summer. One post a day.

So we'll start with this one, which is basically my life drawing final minus one image cause there were to many on one post.
These are my gestures and one long pose of our favorite male model in a clown outfit.

tell me what ya think <3