Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sea Goddess

Drawn and posted on July 13th. When i coloured this i thought sea goddess of the night.

Swimming Lessons

Drawn and Posted on July 12th. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, adorible.

Dredded creature

Drawn and posted on July 11th.

New look - K.E.M.

Drawn and posted on July 10th. so this is another on f the new looks for the grapes adventure. Ms. Kem is a robot, hename is an acronim : Kingdom Elimination Meca. he fingures of retractable knives.

Snake islander

Drawn and posted. he perpotions are off but i like his over all look is good.

China Gal

Drawn and posted on July 8th. I was doodling and got her. i like it better uncoloured.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Drawn and posted on July 7th. Just a little fella that could be in a maylee game if he wanted to. kinda looks like soara right, from kingdom hearts? ya, thats 'cuase i was trying to draw him and messed up.

Starfire and Robin

Drawn and posted on July 6th. did you get it? I hope so...

Pirate Gal

Drawn and posted on July 5th. inspired by surge from crono cross. just a doodle.


Drawn and posted on July 4th. gross looking worm, trying somthing new.

New Look - Tram

Drawn and posted on July 3rd. Drew it on cash, Tram's from Grapes adventures. ussaly has a sky surf board. i might post a better verison on this later.

Snake riders

Drawn and posted on July 2. i liken the snake but he's got googly eyes. poorly coloured but oh well.


Drawn and posted on July first. finally made it too July! yay! So this is a saturday morning cartoon version of Ram from The Tribe. i New Zealand show in 1999. in the 4th season its a cripple and a hermaphob, then his pal dump him in a dumster 'cause he was a dick. so he had to lear to deal with germs and stuff and he also learned how to walk again. thats why he's got those thngs on his knees. also whyhe's saying "Na Na-Na na Na-Na, mother fuckers I can walk!"

Colour Makes the face

Drwn and posted on June 30th. So i was at sketch and doodled this pretty face, but it was pretty boaring. So i coulred it so it would look more interesting, i though of the reboot charater Damein.

Peanut man

Drawn and posted on June 29th. I was sketching at sketch night and looed on a nibs pack and saw the nut-free symbol and thought of this.

Hawk and Dove

Drawn and posted on June 28th. So I've been reading a lot of Hawk and dove comics and i thought that them in a birdbath would be cute. i think it turned out ok. First time useing the 'liquify tool on photoshop.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Poision flower

Drawn and posted on June 27th. Drawn on a sketch night, i saw the kid new to me doodling something lik this and i was viod of an idea, so i ran with it.


Drawn and posted on June 26th. Cute mouse.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Drawn and posted on june 25th, I was doodling and kinda drew Katie from Horton hears a Who. its not prefect... or even close. but i felt i should colour it, 'cuase we share a name

New Look - Fire Mask

Drawn and posted on June 24th. no a very new look for Ms. Fire mask. I changed the mask from the first seaon to the one she wears later. i lost the big hat and sortend the sleaves. i might keep this one.

New look- KiDd

Drawn and posted on June 23. I may have been reading too many comicbooks, but i think I like this look for kidd. her old costum didn't seem very practical for an assassin, so i made it tighter and added a mask... thinking about cuting her hair, but the long hair plays into the plot ofthe searise later.
Drawn and posted on June 22nd. The last of the seven kids is Clock! her power is stight forward, she can move through time, pause it, rewined it and fastforward it. but like every ammazing power it come at a price or a catch in this case. she can't effect anything because she would run the risk of unravaling time. She lives on her own afriad if she saws anything about what she's seen she'll unwinde the world.

New look - Cure

Draw and posted om June 21th. This is Cure, the sixth child in The Sven. she can heal people, any wound, sicknes or maledy they have she's fix it with a touch. but at a price. she must feel it and take it into her for a moment and each time she uses her power it shortans her life. Displight that she uses her powers when ever there needed and is always happy and light hearted.

New Looks - gate

Drawn and posted on June 20th. So heres Gate, gate is a bit complicated bacuse his power kinda leaches off of his siblings. he uses Clock (still to come) to open the gate through time and Tie to open a gate into people's minds. on his own he can see the wotld and see into people, so his's normaly filled with hoplessness and contempt for people. Even with this sence of hopelessnes in him he continues to stick with his brother Tie and is the over lapping link between all his siblings.

New look - Tie

Drawn and posted on June 19th. So here's my crazey friend Tie, buts thats okay he has a reason to be REALY crazey. As i hope you've assumed from reading previous posts he's the new Son in The Seven family, his power is that he is or can me tied or tethered to everyone oor anyplace. he's an emplath to the next level. he feels exsactly what another person feels. he can read minds and teleaport too, but unfortunatlt he can't always control it, becuase of this he falls to evil forces now and then.

New look - Lock & Key

Drawn and posted on June 18th. So these would be the second oldest of 'The Seven" the one in blue is Lock the first born son. He can Lock memoeys and other things in peoples minds. Forinstance, he can make you forget anything, like your favorite colour or how to breath. The gal in Pink in Key, his twin sister. she is a compliment to him, she can unlock anything. She can make you remember anything, she can enhance an aspecte about you or make you reach your full potential in an area (run faster, think bigger, remember where you put your pencil), she powers have alot of range.
Lock is protective of his sister and is the tipical big brother, where as Kiwi is very inoccent when it comes to the world, but not when it comes to the boys! >_^

New look - Arrow

Dran and posted on June 17th. So remember those new looks i was doing? Well there was a smae group in and Adventures of Grapes called the Seven and if I ever made this a video game of a live action movie, i would stick with there old looks but for a saturday morning cartoon. most of the time they would look smilliar to these designs.

So I'll post these in older of age. This is the oldest of the lot, by the way 'The Seven" are seven sibling born of a specil family were every seven geberations all the children are born with a power. These children's parents exploited that and tried to use their children for their own gain so all the kids went STFU N00B i'm outta here and split. they roam around, some stuck together thoses didn't. Arrow is the oldest sister, yes thats a girl. er power is highten destarity and accuracey, she can hit a target from any distance with anything. but becuase she was the fist born girl, the birth of her little brother and his twin sister, Lock and Key, over shadowed her. she grew bitter and cold. she rarly associates with the rest of her family and has grown to hate them, Lock most of all.

Creature Imp

Drawn ans posted on June 16th, I saw my friend doodling beside me and his first rough sketches remined me of this. kinda looks like it would be an imp or digimon. Oh no, it looks most like cue-bone... the pokemon.

Tattoo boy

Drawn and posted on June 15th. I was doodling and i can up with this. Thought i'd tone down the colours for this one. I adore the tattoos. i think if i were to ever get any tattoos they would be simallar to these.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pickle smile.

Even thought it says 'may 25th' I 'm going to say it was drawn and posted on June 14th. Got to be one of the best picture taken at AN. I love it, the shadow on my cheeks, the pickle and the kids in the backgrounf make it so perfect.

Old Hairy Lady

Drawn and Posted on June 13th. Actully happened word per word while i was on cash. I love weird old ladieslike this.

Bob's Cat.

drawn and poasted on June 12th. A little while a go my friend's cat scratched me, and while retellingthe story to one of my co-workers i thought if this funny grusom comic.

New Look - Chains rough

Drawn and posted on June 11th. drew these on cash at work and coloured then later. Wanted to make Chains a bit simpler to draw like the others. i'll draw them bother later in 3/4 profile.

Batgirl and Nightwing <3

Drawn and posted on June 10th, 2 months till my birthday! nothing cuter then batgirl and the first robin, current batman, and then Nighhtwing - Dick Grayson- together forever!

Sad Robin

Drawn and posted on June 9th. with all thats happening i the worls of Batman i think a lil chibi sad robin was approprate. this poor kid.