Sunday, May 31, 2009

Skull Thumb nails

*sigh* Ok, so this REALY WAS BOTH Drawn and posted on May 31st finally all caught up. Ok so I was drawing this on cash, all of these, which says a lot about how busy my store is or how hard I work for them. Anyway, I was trying to do a cartoony skull that my teacher drew but then I got side tracked my thoughts of corps’s bride and then I just finished with profiles of weird flat skull’s. I think got the anatomy down on most of these things but adding teeth always seems to look odd. I really enjoy the last 4 of these but that all.

I’m throwing this up here because this will b the first time I’ve really thumb nailed anything this ,such since school ended and I realized again how important it to the design process.

Also remember how I said that I did these on Cash? I’d like to go into a bit of a rant here by saying that all customers are stupid, well like 80%. Now I’m not saying that 80% of people are stupid, just customers. That is you could be a well educated articulate person out side the store but the second I ask how you want your groceries packed you turn into a blithering idiot.
Tell me what you think, which do you like most (I numbered them for you convince).


Drawn (really!) and posted on May 30th, so I was thing of something very silly looking to draw and this was the first thing that popped in my head.

Strait Faces

Drawn and Posted on May 29th, Yay, my comfy angles and strait lines. Kind of looks familiar…don’t know where I’ve seem it.

Pin up

Drawn and Posted on May 28th, I was colouring this pic and decided to make her have brown hair and blown eyes, because that beautiful and too often people with that colour mixture are over looked because their colouring is considered common. A daisy is as beautiful as a orchid, maybe more so. Daily beauty can be over looked and neglected sometimes, just putting that out there. BFF JB... she kinda looks like a Bratz doll... ew...


Drawn and posted on May 26th, so still drawing out side the box, looks better with colour, but still getting the hang of this. No sure if I’m going to continue with this…

Crazy Evil Duck

So was looking back on my sketching and saw that I draw A LOT of cute things, so I’ve decided to draw out side the box for a bit. So far… I’m kind of iffy with this style. Comment please.

Odd doll friends

Drawn and posted on May 24th, Invader Zim inspired duo. I like the thing on the left’s head, but not the body and everything about the need on the right. Tell me what I think.

Punk kid

Drawn and posted on May 23rd. Funny story about this simple little drawing. I was watching a lot of Phil Defranco on YouTube and all I can think is Ram from the New Zealand show ‘The Tribe’. So I was doodling this boy and slapped on my tribal pain ‘cause the Tribe was on my mind. Ya…


Drawn and posted on May 22nd , I really like the colours in this picture with was drawn with my brush pen but the hands…ick. But that’s the suck bit of a brush pen, once its there its there deel or start over. So, ya donno why I didn’t put shells on her, comment and tell me what you think.

Happy Birthday Laura!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA! Drawn and posted on May 21st, this is my pal Laura’s character from a story my friends wrote in grade eight – Raisions and her turtle Speedy. I don’t think I’ve posted any doodles or rasion’s before but she’s in the same universe as Tomba and Grapes if you pay any attion to my pervious posts.

Big Blue Eyes

So I was drawing at Sketch night and was looking at sky doll comics and drew this, and coloured it with my friend’s marker. All I did in photo shop was mess with the levels. I like the eyes, but not my favorite post. Drawn and posted on May 20th.

Doctor Beendone

Hey! Drawn and posted on May 19th, so ya when I was trying to name this post i was trying to make a play on words from Doctor Horrible and Doctor Holocaust, but decided that I'm not going to make that name stretch any farther. so, love this kid's face and the glove was inspired by a glove I saw at Anime North Steam Punk fashion show. I chose purple and green to threw the connection to the steam punk thing off.


Hey drawn and posted on May 18th, I had alot of fun with this picture, using my brush pen that my friend got me for the first time. it looks so much better with colour then it did just sitting on the page in my sketch book. might be my favorit post to the day.


Hey there, drawn and posted on May 17th. so this is the last patapon fanart thing that I will post (probably). i think that the pyokola is the cutest class of patapon.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Quick Nightwing

hey guys! Drawn and posted on May 16th, just a quick doodle of the Dick's old costum. Love this kid to death, but Tim Drake should be the new Batman.


Dawn and posted May 15th, just a fun little picture.

Better Queen Patapon

Hey there kids! Drawn and Posted May 14th. mmmm, i like this version of the queen so much better. the face is rounder, the eyes are bigger, just everything about it is more appealing to me at least. tell me what you think kids.

Barsala Tatepon teen

Drawn and posted on May 12th, all caught up to that queen patapon post! yaty for me. Now, the picture - i love the barsala class of patapon, i think i want to make my hole army basala classed.

Yaripon Boy

Hey! this was drawn and posted on May 11th, my little Yaripon boy. i sware that their are maybe two more patapons coming, then i'm don't with them. their just so easy and ast to draw.

Fire and Ice

Hey look! i totally drew and posted this on may 10th!. If any of you saw the 2009 third year films, you'll remember these characters, this is just my take on them. done with pencil, and photoshop.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Patapon Queen

so I was thinking of how to do the patapon gal, who's name escapes me right now. this is not the way i'd like to do it, but i like the colour. i had a nice thumbnail at work but a co-worker threw it out. so, i'll make a better one.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

VooDoo Lady wants your soul!

I reall like this one, the colour the pose the silouette, i'm just a fan. in truth this took like two days 'cuase i knew i was going to see star trek. what do you all think?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hey there kids, Look its Robin as a powerpuff, how cute. I realize the head is in poor perportion, but it was a quick doodle.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Hey kids, been playing patapon a lot lately and some one suggested that I take a well known character and make it mine. Now I’ll admit that I could do this better, and I might still do another patapon, but I’m proud of this ‘cause I did almost all on it in Photoshop. Which is a first for me.
Drawn and posted May 6th

Gray mode

Hey kids, Ya I’ve had a few bad days, this is my mood. Biking plus work plus other stuff equals gray mode. I drew that sucker on CASH with a PINK pen… I love Photoshop. Drawn and posted on May 5th,

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tub Tomba

AW… Tomba needs a hug. This boy is from Grapes Adventures, he’s the Prince with a tough past and a tough future and all that good stuff. He lost his eye looking for a sister that doesn’t even like him. So this is just a doodle showing him being venerable when he’s alone in a bathtub. Stole the idea from Coffin berry. This was drawn on May 4th.

Your home....

So this is a moment fro the Grapes Adventures story where Plumb comes home after being missing for a year. The girl, Grapes, thinks that he died so she’s really happy to see him…duh. I like it. I stole the idea from coffinberry on DA. This was posted on May 3nd

Leo Me

So I was trying to think of something to draw and was watching and Threevening with Kevin Smith and he mentioned that his sister has the same birthday as I do, and that all his siblings are Leos. So I thought of drawing a Leo themed picture and being the creative person I am I draw me with my teased hair and a tail. I like undies :P Drawn on May 2nd

Friday, May 1, 2009

Gal and Space Tomba thumbnail

Hey there again gals and guys, so this is a thumbnail request from my friends, its Space Tomba. I’ll do it better later when I care a bit more. Also today we have a nifty gal, with some eyes....ya.


Hey there again gals and guys, last picture for this month, 'cause it’s April 30th, and this is a pic of a favourite character of mine, NI. She’s a little girl and she seems to be upset or unimpressed with something. quick picture, I like the face. What cha' think?

Jessie and Melissa, silly and cute

Hey there again, I’m posting again this WEEK, cause its April 29 and all. So i draw the bit on the left on cash on the back of a gun box. the other was drawn later on really paper...not as fun. I may continue with more picture on my pals. Guess who’s cute and who's silly : P

Cute Teeth

Hey there ki8ds, so these are some really cute teeth that belong to a really cute gal. again for all intensicve perposes this was drawn and posted on April 28

Silly Face

Hey there fan(s) (as if I was the lucky) I’m back after a bit of a laps in time, school was hard and a lot of work, but it is over now! I'm so ready for summer with friends and fun! but, as always, I should draw as much as possible. So I’ve made a gaol to post something, EANYTHING, once a day here. Also something of a bit better quality on my Animation blog, and something coloured on my DA.

So back to the picture above. For all intensive purposes, this picture was drawn and posted on April 27, got it? Good. Ya, its a cute little kid making a funny face.... and some eyes.
what'cha think?